5 Reasons Why That Guy/Lady Isn’t Good For You!

Hey guyss! I'm not dead yet. I know I've been MIA for quite some time, I had a phone/Laptop breakdown but I'm back now. I received a couple of mails from my subscribers asking about me, I love you bunch! Today I'm going to be talking about why you shouldn't settle for crap, I'm going … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why That Guy/Lady Isn’t Good For You!

Hey May!

May has always been my favorite month of the year. Well, I like December too but may comes first on the list. Why? Because it's my birth month. Things always work in my favor in this month, it's something I've observed and no matter how stressed I am, I'm still always so happy in May. … Continue reading Hey May!

Red Ze Season!

I'm not really a fan of Red,not that I hate it or anything, it's not just one of the colors I'd pick as my top three best colors and if you're wondering where i got the "Z" inspiration from, I'd tell you *lol* . So at the store today there was the woman with an … Continue reading Red Ze Season!