Twenty Twenty! Sounds perfect to me. A new year, new month and another decade? Well welcome everyone! Happy New Year blogger, readers and everyone. Thank God for allowing us to see a new year it's not easy. This year I noticed no one made resolutions but hopes this year is better than last year, I … Continue reading 2020

Classy Christmas

Pheew, I could literally feel the cobwebs here. Merry Christmas dear viewers and subscribers ! Y'all the best, I love you! My nails are freaking killing me right now, it's literally so stressful to type now due to the fact that they're fixed, which I rarely do, so I'm just going straight to the point! … Continue reading Classy Christmas


Are you confident psychologically, I know everyone has their insecurities and fears but are you confident enough to face them? Low or high self esteem doesn't guarantee confidence , that's one thing I've come to realize. Emotions play tricks on us but then we have the right to choose how we feel. What's your idea … Continue reading Confidence