This is probably my first time doing a book review and it'll be something that'll become rampant on my page now and it'll be done at least once every month.The Alchemist, a book I should have read a long time ago, a book that motivates you in every way.This book was written by Paulo Coelho, … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW : THE ALCHEMIST


Red Ze Season!

I'm not really a fan of Red,not that I hate it or anything, it's not just one of the colors I'd pick as my top three best colors and if you're wondering where i got the "Z" inspiration from, I'd tell you *lol* . So at the store today there was the woman with an … Continue reading Red Ze Season!

Life’s Journey

There's been a lot of back and forth going on in my head. Feeling happy then sad,living in a state of plenty and then lack. When I realize that I'm really strong enough but still choose weakness. Experiencing love then hate. I've finally realized that I have been avoiding the truth about myself. I've been … Continue reading Life’s Journey