How To Get Rid Of Armpit Stink!

It's no news that the climate change affected everybody, Nigeria is too damn hot at the moment and you can't pass a day without sweating. One of the major causes of body odor is sweat. Body odor is an unpleasant smell our bodies can give when bacteria that lives on the skin breaks down sweat … Continue reading How To Get Rid Of Armpit Stink!


Twenty Twenty! Sounds perfect to me. A new year, new month and another decade? Well welcome everyone! Happy New Year blogger, readers and everyone. Thank God for allowing us to see a new year it's not easy. This year I noticed no one made resolutions but hopes this year is better than last year, I … Continue reading 2020

Classy Christmas

Pheew, I could literally feel the cobwebs here. Merry Christmas dear viewers and subscribers ! Y'all the best, I love you! My nails are freaking killing me right now, it's literally so stressful to type now due to the fact that they're fixed, which I rarely do, so I'm just going straight to the point! … Continue reading Classy Christmas


Are you confident psychologically, I know everyone has their insecurities and fears but are you confident enough to face them? Low or high self esteem doesn't guarantee confidence , that's one thing I've come to realize. Emotions play tricks on us but then we have the right to choose how we feel. What's your idea … Continue reading Confidence