There hasn’t been any girl who haven’t been raped or almost encountered rape.

We all know at least one person. This blog was totally unplanned and I don’t have much to say but I’m just going to say that the RAPE cases are alarming! We all started this campaign for RAPE a long time ago and nothing has been done and it’s like it is increasing as the day go by. This RAPE thing has been going on for centuries now and women were taught that their bodies belong to men (even a woman told me that) and they were inferior creatures, so even if they get raped they shut their mouths and are forced to erase the memory or worse some women think it’s normal to be raped (yes this RAPE thing has tampered with people’s mentality, they think it’s a normal thing to RAPE and be RAPED). With the new age and technological advancement the awareness of RAPE has been made known to all. The question is are we doing enough? Recently a girl was RAPED and killed in Benin city and the murderers are still on the run, probably scared because if the streets get them first they’re dead or probably gallivanting round the streets of Benin city, Nigeria knowing they can’t be identified because, well, no evidence and soon the protest will die down and once again the RAPIST has escaped scot free.

She was killed in a church that’s why many people are not asking where she was or what she was wearing but I just want to use this medium to say Dear KINGS and QUEENS Anything that would make you lust after someone to the extent of forcing yourself on them, DEAD THAT THOUGHT NOW! Whether the person is naked (wait mad people are usually naked on the road why don’t you lust after them) anyways mad or not whether the person is naked, flaunting what God gave them or full clothed never RAPE. Lust causes RAPE not women or men. Not the cloth they choose to wear or the place they choose to go, or the hour of the day, It is you as a person, you’re responsible for your own actions don’t blame the victim.

I can remember when I was outside at night on a phone call, I noticed a guy who was trying to get my attention but I didn’t answer him the next thing that happened he came through my back and tried to hit my butt (what the hell!) I screamed and started shouting for people to hear then he carried padlock that he was going to hit my head. If not for people that came out to help bruhh. This world is not a safe place at all.

We are walking at night alone, we’re scared.

We are at a party, we are scared.

We are with the boys alone, we are scared.

Even at church too???

Parents RAPIST.

Uncles/ Aunties RAPIST.

Neighbours RAPIST.

Pastors RAPIST.

Common boyfriend/ girlfriend RAPIST.

Stranger RAPIST.

Even Househelp has mind too to RAPE.

We teach our females to avoid RAPE by dictating what they wear or were they go, slut shaming and so on but never teaching our males not to RAPE.

When someone says NO, NO is NO stop it the person doesn’t like it. I’ve had several encounters with guys when we’re together and only 2% I’ve been with understands what NO is.

If you want to get intimate and she says NO stop!

If you’re horny and she’s there and doesn’t want to do anything, don’t force or try to persuade, it’s RAPE!

If you are in the middle of intimacy and she says stop, stop! Stop doesn’t mean “I’m enjoying it” or “continue” stop means stop!

If your wife doesn’t want sex and you carry on it’s RAPE!

If your friend is planning to RAPE, stop him!

If you’re RAPED come out and speak up! We hear you.

Who raised you guys for crying out loud!

And to be clear just because anyone gets an orgasm from rape doesn’t mean the person wasn’t RAPE.

If their consent wasn’t approved it’s RAPE!

RAPE is a serious allegation, if you have mental issues and you weren’t RAPED and you come out and say you were RAPED and it isn’t true, you won’t go scot-free.

NGOs and other normal organizations especially schools and influencers should make it a point of duty to create awareness of the danger of being a RAPIST and not the dangers of being RAPED.

I hope things get better.

2 thoughts on “END RAPE TODAY!

  1. So true. This Rape issue has gotten too far. And let’s not forget about the guys that get raped too. They are usually ashamed to speak out cos society has deemed it impossible for guys to get raped. Rape is rape; a rape victim is a rape victim, whether boy or girl. Rape is inhuman πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ͺ

    Thank you so much, Ejiro. I really love this post. You speak the truth. More success πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ


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