Happy Blogversary

Phew, It’s been two bloody years since I started this journey and honestly the results have been beautiful.

Started with 50 readers now at 3k-5k readers ! I’m so proud of myself and honestly I couldn’t do it without y’all! Thank you so much for following up! I love y’all!

I’d be giving few tips on how I was able to get to this stage.

Market Your Business

There is literally no where I go that I don’t fail to tell people I have a blog. Especially those who fit into my niche ( fashion and lifestyle ). Send the links to people, family and friends. Your biggest fan is your family and your close friends. Not all people you send the link to will click. I’ve even been blocked or insulted because of sending link. But don’t give up, my only advice is to keep sending link till you feel people are getting used to your blogs, the when they get notifications that you’ve posted a new blogpost they’d click by themselves. Post your blogs on social media handles for promotions.

Mix With People Under The Same Niche As Me

Not everyone is interested in fashion and lifestyle blogging, so know your audience. When I see people doing what I do I get really excited because finally someone can relate. So it’s best you try as much as possible to relate with them, learn a few things and add to your blog.


Like I said earlier I had 50 readers in 2018 even till early 2019 I had barely 150 views but as we have it here I now have over 3k views which I’m glad. So this blogging thing is just patience else you’d get too frustrated and end up giving up.


Honestly, I’m not one to talk about consistency because I’m the least consistent person I know. Can never start a routine and keep up. Last year google ad approved my blog and ads started popping but I couldn’t get any meaningful money because of my inconsistency which is quite disappointing to me. If you want to grow you blog so far as you have working domain name and all, post regularly so that google could be ranking your blog post, the more rank the more most people get to see it.

So thats that.

By the way, Today is my Birthday also!

Happy birthday to mee

Collecting all gifts in cash



5 thoughts on “Happy Blogversary

  1. Best birthday gift you could have ever given yourself…you started doing what you have always wanted to do and you didn’t stop. It takes a lot of guys to finally do it. You didn’t look back two years ago and look at you now. Imagine where you could be in the next two years 🤔… You are passionate about what you do. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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