Clear Skin In Two Weeks!

Wagwan beautiful people! I hope all my viewers are doing good!

People who follow my Instagram, Snapchat and people on my WhatsApp, basically yeah people who have been following my feeds, most of them keep asking “why is your skin clear” ” You’re glowing sis” “What are you using” and so on. Well I’m not one to hoard information so I’m going to let the cat out of the bag!

Several articles have been written on my blog about clear skin but then I change my routine because I like to try new things, so here are things I do to my skin.


I steam my face three days a week. Steaming the face basically opens blocked pores.


After steaming, I exfoliate, we all know exfoliating is the removal of dead skin. I use NEUTROGENA or ST. IVES but if you don’t have enough cash for that expense that it’s okay, you can use home remedies such as Honey + Sugar + Lemon juice. However when exfoliating leave in for 5 minutes then wash off.

  • MASK

I used to use Charcoal detoxifying face mask before then I switched to home remedies because I wanted to achieve a particular look. So, sometime I use Tumeric + Honey + Lemon juice or Camwood + Honey + Olive oil. Also leave in for 5 minutes.


  • I make use of black soap or sometimes I use Lux. It is more advisable to make your black soap yourself because you alone know what you want to achieve. I buy black soap from people for experimental purpose. During this period of sitting at home it’s the black soap I made that I’ve been using and I’m proud of the results.

    Oh boy! I’ve used different moisturizers lol but I’d still recommend. When I’m staying in doors I use Vaseline cocoa butter or cusson baby lotion. When I’m going out I wear sunscreen and when I put on sunscreen I don’t wear any moisturizer else because of heat, I have a very sensitive skin, small heat I’m having rashes or a reaction. I rub coconut oil too sometimes when I’m going out because of its sunscreen abilities (it contains) and lastly at night I use vitamin E capsules, the one I have is mixed with aloevera gel anyways which is good.

    So thats that on my skin care nothing much and like I said I change routine regularly lol and for someone with a sensitive skin it isn’t really good, that I know but me being me I’d still do what excites me and I’d keep you guys updated.

    See you next time!


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