Things To Do During The COVID-19 Social Distancing Saga

What are you doing to keep yourself busy during this pandemic period. I know, it’s like a dream (calm down I’m not saying it’s a good thing) but then I usually watch all these happen in American movies, never in my life did I think I’d experience a global pandemic. I have a tingle in my body, I would definitely tell my kids about this period.

Anyways there is a total lockdown, which means No work No coming out. Everyone stays indoors. What are we doing indoors to kill boredom?

TikTok Videos?

No doubt TikTok has made millions during this trying times. Social media generally has saved lives during this social distancing caused by the pandemic. TikTok is a social media which allows you to create dance and sing along video as well as editing the videos and sharing to friends and also engaging in challenges like the #savagechallenge and #dontrushchallenge. If you’re not on TikTok now, you’re a dead guy sadly.

You can follow my TikTok now @ninisvibe.

Learn New Things

If you follow my blog, you would know I always urge people to learn new things during free times or holiday. I mean knowledge can never be limited. There are so many new things you can learn. For example

  • Learn new languages.
  • A new skill.
  • Learn how to drive cars.
  • Improve in your culinary skill.
  • Take online classes.
  • Bring up new ideas for your business.
  • Photography.
  • Learn new DIYs.
  • New make up sessions.
  • Learn digital marketing or forex.

You can learn so many things this period without getting disturbed so why waste your time, go get it Tiger!

Take Pictures

If you know me personally, you would know taking pictures must be on this list

This is your time to test and explore your photography skills and keep us updated with your day whatever of social distancing and staying free of the corona virus and visit her latest post elaborates how to take and edit a good self portrait.

Publish That Article

There is no limit to writing, you all know that, yeah? If you write poetry, a blog, a social article or any thing or if you do a meaningful content please publish it now, let it leave your draft o.

This is the time were people use the media more so if you get scared that no one will want to see your work, suck that fear up because people have time for these things now, so please publish your work let the world finally hear your voice!

Mop Around

Finally if you can’t do any of the above you are free to mop around, there is no harm in moping. You can sleep, eat excessively, sweep your surroundings a million times or even use this free time to get closer to God(heard the world is coming to an end) you can still give your life to christ, know him now, ask for forgiveness of your sins, it’s never too late.

Happy New Month or whatever day it is. See you soon…XoXo!

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