How To Get Rid Of Armpit Stink!

It’s no news that the climate change affected everybody, Nigeria is too damn hot at the moment and you can’t pass a day without sweating. One of the major causes of body odor is sweat.

Body odor is an unpleasant smell our bodies can give when bacteria that lives on the skin breaks down sweat into acid.

These bacteria can break down into acid on your breast, leg, armpit, ear and genital organ. A large concentration of apocrine gland is presented in the armpit making the area prone to rapid development of body odor.

Swear doesn’t have a particular smell but when the bacteria breaks down sweat into acid that’s where the smell comes.

Unfortunately, most people don’t take note of these or even care. Some are unbothered about their natural stink but do you know when you smell it affects others too? Do you know we can’t even breathe in normal oxygen because the clean air is being poisoned by the odor oozing out of your body with the sole aim of damaging our nose. Anyways, Body odor can stop and here are ways to stop it.

  • Shave your armpit! Shaving stick is not that expensive.
  • Scrub your armpit when bathing. Endeavor to scrub 15 times while bathing, for starters it helps.
  • Buy a natural deodorant. Scented ones don’t really last long.
  • Every time you sweat go and bath again. If you’re at work or school or anywhere convenient, I advice you carry a small towel and deodorant. Whenever you sweat too much wet the nap kin and damp it in your armpit and apply the deodorant.
  • Change your diet. As earlier said Nigeria is currently very hot especially at day time, avoid eating spicy and hot food or food that will generate heat in your body.
  • Rub powder on your armpit before going to bed.
  • Stay hydrated.

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