Twenty Twenty! Sounds perfect to me. A new year, new month and another decade? Well welcome everyone!

Happy New Year blogger, readers and everyone. Thank God for allowing us to see a new year it’s not easy. This year I noticed no one made resolutions but hopes this year is better than last year, I honestly hope this year would be a good one for most of us. Usually I would have given highlights of my 2019 but I cried more than I laughed, now I’m not saying last year was bad but it wasn’t my year. I had goals, I achieved some. I had plans to achieve all but you cannot always get what you want. So here are lessons I learnt from 2019.

  1. Set boundaries.
  2. Know your place in people’s life.
  3. Don’t be quick to pass judgments.
  4. Learn to communicate effectively.
  5. Accept that people are humans and stop expecting too much from them.
  6. Stop excess spending.
  7. Stop overthinking things.
  8. Invest your time in learning important things.
  9. Stop placing people first before yourself.
  10. Don’t allow anything that is not giving you money stress you.
  11. Don’t be scared to cut people off and don’t feel bad if you get cut off by people so they can grow.
  12. In this life have sense.
  13. Don’t let rumors define you.
  14. Avoid distractions.
  15. Anyone that isn’t supporting or adding to your life should be put in the trash can.
  16. Don’t be too confident or over zealous.
  17. Pray daily.
  18. Save money and invest wisely.
  19. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  20. Don’t forget to pamper yourself .