Classy Christmas

Pheew, I could literally feel the cobwebs here. Merry Christmas dear viewers and subscribers ! Y’all the best, I love you!

My nails are freaking killing me right now, it’s literally so stressful to type now due to the fact that they’re fixed, which I rarely do, so I’m just going straight to the point!

I should’ve posted this since morning but I woke up yesterday with a mad ass fever (pray for me)

So I’d be sharing my OOTD (outfit of the day)

I’m not one to dress all REDDY for Christmas but I was in the mood, actually these photos were taken about last week or early this week and I actually made a vlog of the whole get ready with me thingy on this outfit but didn’t post it because I lost the vibe while editing the videos but here are screenshots.

Today being Christmas day, my parents were so happy, I honestly didn’t understand their happiness and it’s a tradition in my house that Every Christian holiday we have to go for mass, so we actually went to church today then headed straight home nothing special.

So guys seeing these pictures I just realized I’m up for modeling guyysss so if you want to work with me hit me on instagram @ninisvibe or my email: my prices are affordable 😂

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel here’s the link

Hint: I’d also write a blog and do a mini vlog on davido’s concert!

Thank you for viewing this blog!

Merry Christmas again to you all!

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