Are you confident psychologically, I know everyone has their insecurities and fears but are you confident enough to face them?

Low or high self esteem doesn’t guarantee confidence , that’s one thing I’ve come to realize. Emotions play tricks on us but then we have the right to choose how we feel.

What’s your idea of confidence?

Being able to speak your mind without fear of inferiority – Precious

It’s about complimenting others without being insecure – Eze

The feeling of inferiority never really leaves a person. My research shows that 90% of people feel inferior, only 50% show it. You might be all bad bitch, boss Queen, Thug nigga but deep down you still feel inferior. Nobody is really 100% confident but I say confidence is a choice, being confident about your choice, your career, your body, your self is the most beautiful thing about you. I feel Confidence is about standing up for what you believe in without minding what ‘irrelevant’ people say, yes most people who talk are irrelevant and have nothing to do except talk and no action. Confidence can sometimes be called show off but I call it growing some balls, It’s about doing those things in which you’re scared of doing due to internal or external factors.


What’s stopping you from being a Queen / King ? What stopping you from being who you are without the fear of thinking how people would react when they see the real you? What hinders your confidence? Friends? Parents? Relations? Or Yourself?

When you share an idea with your friends they laugh which reduces your esteem ,who says you need unproductive people to achieve your dreams?

When you’re being you and people have a problem with that , people who don’t pay your bills or increase the money in your account, why do you care so much?

Not giving two fucks is confidence, now I’m not saying you should be rude and all saucy , trust me no one wants that but the truth is these things gets tiring, whether you shine your 32 with everyone or frown people will always have something ill to say about you, so why give a fuck?

What’s making you not confident ? Is it your body? Are you comparing it with others? Because we are humans and we are insatiable,we see something we’re not and admire to the point of depression, why aren’t you confident about your body or skin color? If you aren’t, work on your self. Want a banging butt or boobs? There are several options there are surgeries, liposuctions, creams, oil, drugs or exercises. Need a larger penis? There are creams or drugs. Need a brighter skin? There are whitening or sunscreen creams. You’re too fair? You can tan your damn skin. God created you, it’s your duty to enhance yourself. So I don’t see why you stress yourself by thinking too much when you can be confident in your skin.

What’s making you not confident? Is it your career? Do you think you can achieve some certain goals? News flash you aren’t the first to achieve those goals, it’s okay to panic but not to lose confidence. Always remember you’re the best and you should put your best in whatever you do.

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