5 Reasons Why That Guy/Lady Isn’t Good For You!

Hey guyss! I’m not dead yet. I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time, I had a phone/Laptop breakdown but I’m back now. I received a couple of mails from my subscribers asking about me, I love you bunch!

Today I’m going to be talking about why you shouldn’t settle for crap, I’m going to be giving you signs you must look out for when getting a partner.

Dating in this era is just hardwork and it seems everyone is joking now, I feel people of this generation just enter relationships because of the title (my friend is in a relationship,so why don’t I join or I’m bored lets me just ask this person out to kill time) nothing is genuine again and that’s why relationships don’t last.

Here are some signs you must mark as a red flag.


If the person you’re dating doesn’t give you the attention you deserve fuck off! Relationships aren’t by force neither is it a do or die affair, so I don’t know why you’re having sleepless night wondering where you went wrong rather than having sleepless nights over earth shattering orgasms. If the person you’re dating can’t give you the same energy take your big L and leave! I hear some people saying stuffs like she’s busy /he’s busy, truth is if you like someone you can never be too busy for the person regardless of how tight your schedules are you’d always want to squeeze out time for the person


If the person you’re dating prioritizes sex, well it’s a No No. Some people think having sex is a must must in a relationship. Try telling your babe you don’t want to fornicate again and watch how the relationship crumbles. Anyways it’s to your favor because the bible says if it’s your right hand that causes you to sin ,chop it off darling, cut him or her off so you can see Jesus, you feel me? The thing is if your partner is overly active sexually and you don’t match up to that, cheating may occur so once you see those signs just carry your two left legs and leave.


In a relationship your partner is supposed to be your babe, love, friend, sibling and family but some people think they can just come to your life and be your parent, lord and personal savior. They always want to control, reasons are they might be older than you or they are giving you little benefits but who the hell are you to tell your partner what he or she can or cannot do with their personal lives, I get the fact that you both are in a relationship and there are certain boundaries but telling each other what to do is just wrong. For example, I was talking to a lady and she told me she likes tattoos and piercings but because of her “Boyfriend ” she can’t do it. I had another chit chat with a friend and she told me she wanted a tongue piercing but her boyfriend doesn’t like it. Imagine after doing all these they won’t be your life partner, Jokes on you baby! Once your partner starts telling you how to live please run and don’t try to change your partner because they knew how you were before the relationship, you had a life before them and will still have one after them. You either add or subtract in a relationship either ways it must be for a good cause.


Being clingy is just disgusting for a start. Being unnecessarily clingy is a turn off for most people. Being overly clingy leads to being possessive and when a partner is too clingy that’s just a red flag. He or she would always want to invade your privacy, choose who you talk to,want to make decisions for you and all, then insecurity falls in,then jealousy and we all know where it ends.


Low communication equals to no relationship, this is even supposed to be the first sign before attention. Communication is the first step to a healthy relationship, it takes two to tango. Communication, the first thing you need to do to make friends in the society, it is a key point. If your partner cannot communicate effectively to you then you’re in a relationship with yourself dear.Communication either breaks or makes a relationship, if your communication skill is zero it’s obvious both you and your partner are clowns. You both should be able to confide in each other, create a conversation, talk about things, the whole point is you’re conversing and expressing. I personally can’t date someone whose best friend is an opposite sex because your best friend should be your partner, I don’t see why you’d have an opposite sex as a best friend and you’re dating an opposite sex too, is the person you’re dating a joke to you? except you are gay or something. I asked around and some people said “you know it’s not everything your partner has to know” don’t tell other people what your partner can’t know of. Your and your partner should be open and free with each other.

Feel free to suggest other signs on the comment section!

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One thought on “5 Reasons Why That Guy/Lady Isn’t Good For You!

  1. Thank you I have really learnt a lot I must commend that you take your time when writing and it comes out very nice this your blog has really inspired me


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