A Day At Oniru Private Beach/ Bestfriend’s Birthday.

August 1st, a day to remember, finally I went to the beach after 9 years of constant disapproval each time I proposed the idea of going to the beach.

1st of August, the day my beautiful best friend was born, her coming into my life has been a blessing not gonna lie, we’ve been friends for 5 years and of course counting (not going to go into our history) and it’s also a new month I think there’s a blessing that comes with that.

We went to Oniru Private Beach which is at Victoria Island, Lagos for her birthday along with some of her friends (mostly school). Frankly, it was my first time going to that beach and my second time going to the beach in general, the last time I went to the beach I was in grade 5, I went with my family, that was about 9 years ago and after that one time there was a case of bar beach over flowing (and apparently it was bar beach we went to) so anytime we (I and my siblings) brought up the idea of us going to the beach my parents constantly declined, telling us they had this dream bla bla bla (typical Nigerian parents) so we never actually went.

Going to the beach was fun, although we arrived there late because we had to grab a few things from the mall. There was food, drinks and others, I met new people, we took so many photographs.

This blog doesn’t really contain an insight of how the beach looks like because writing this wasn’t planned, so I guess if I go again, I’d write comprehensively on how the beach looks like and take pictures too.

The beach gets interesting at night, during the day are for families and night are basically for hangout for young adults. I loved the water the most, well since it’s an artificial beach the water wasn’t too deep.

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