Review: Amala Spot In Benin!

Yes, you read right. All my amala lovers there are amala spots in Benin. I was actually surprised when my friends called me and told me they wanted to go and eat amala. Amala isn’t something you see regularly in Benin Although, there are several amala spots in Benin(Which I didn’t know till today).

If you attend the university of Benin(main campus),take a bus from Main gate going to New Benin stop at medical junction and if you’re coming from Ekenwan campus, take a bus from the gate to central park then a bus to New Benin stop at medical junction, when you stop ask around although the address is 139 New Lagos road,Benin city.

The shop opens by 9am and closes by 6pm.

A wrap of amala is a 100 naira and any type of assorted meat you want is 100 naira, water is free (as usual) and you can buy drinks for the usual price.

The Amala was so good! I felt like I was in Lagos again. The food was savory like it ought to be, no excess salt or pepper, it was perfect.

We genuinely had loved it and ate to our satisfaction!

I hope to go to another Amala spot and try their delicacy too.

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