Living In Lagos VS Living In Benin

I’ve lived in Lagos literally all my life and I’ve stayed in Benin for about a year and a half, there are so many difference between these two states.

To start with, THE AREA, Lagos is way smaller than Edo state if we’re going to add Benin too but (now the but here is a capital BUT) Lagos is way more civilized than Benin, Benin city is truly an ancient city, everything here is way backward, it’s like every part of Benin is a village, although, there are some parts of Benin that are a bit modernized but the modernization is like FESTAC town in Lagos, it’s just average.

COST OF LIVING: I’ve asked so many people who live here in Benin, If they had the chance to go to Lagos,would they? I keep getting the same reply, which is NO, simply because of the cost of living. The cost of living here in Benin is low compared to Lagos, to rent a 3 bedroom apartment here is about 300,000-400,000 naira, whereas in Lagos it should be close to a million. Food stuffs are also very cheap here in Benin except Rice or anything they bring from Lagos to sell here, can you believe Pepsi is 130 naira or sometimes 150 naira here in Benin? Pepsi that’s 100 naira in Lagos.

There are limited RECREATIONAL CENTRES here the only thing Benin people can boast of is Kada Plaza and Voen mall apart from that Benin is a dead ass place, filled with more of clubs and hotels but have you ever been to Lagos? As small as Lagos is there are so many places you can visit and have fun, I can’t even start if I start I won’t be able to stop.

No TRAFFIC , this one of the best things I love about Benin, unlike Lagos, Lagos traffic is mad, especially on Fridays. If you’re going to the island on Friday and you’ve calculated your journey to be about 2hours best believe you’re going to sleep on the road but Benin less than an hour you’re going to arrive at your destination,the only thing about Benin is that people are way too slow here unlike Lagos that every one is up and doing and if you’re slow in entering a bus,the bus driver would leave you but here in Benin the bus driver would actually reverse to come and meet you or they’d wait for you. Isn’t that great? No it’s not, at all because there is no sense of urgency, people use this opportunity to catwalk to the bus when people in the bus have where to go. I can remember a day when I had a test to write, the test was for 8am and I stay off campus which is not to far from the campus, I left my house around 7:20 am,thinking I was going to get to school at most 7:35am but no,the bus I entered, I don’t even know if the driver was feeling like father Christmas that day but he kept entering streets to pick the people who beckoned on him to stop, I was at the verge of crying because I checked my time it was 7:50am already, a journey that was supposed to be about 10 minutes but oh well when I got to school they had already started the test, I had to sneak inside.

But above all Benin is a nice place and has more historical background than Lagos but it’s not too exposed and Industrialization is low here, companies are little here compared to Lagos.

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