Hey May!

May has always been my favorite month of the year. Well, I like December too but may comes first on the list.

Why? Because it’s my birth month. Things always work in my favor in this month, it’s something I’ve observed and no matter how stressed I am, I’m still always so happy in May.

April wasn’t so nice, I mean school stress and all, I’ve been so busy and till I finish university, I’d always be so busy.

My blog is going to be a year old this may, I’d like to use this medium to thank all my readers, people who share my post, like, comment and subscribe to this blog y’all are the real MVP’s ,to be very honest y’all gave me a reason to continue this blog and I’m so grateful.

Last year on my birthday I opened my blog and this year on my birthday I’m opening my online store, here I’d be selling sandals/shoes, hand bags, body suits and body accessories. The plan is to create a website for that store but if there’s no time, I’m going to open an Instagram and twitter account for the store first,then later on the website would be ready.

Now guys, I have absolutely no idea what to name my store and I need your help, so I’d be waiting in the comment section for name ideas!

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