Police Station Wahala!

No I didn’t get arrested, lol.

These past few weeks have been so stressful for me. So many thing happened but I’d like to share this very experience.

Okay so I school at Benin, I said that in my previous post. I have no idea what is wrong but the climate change is affecting me badly, the sun is so angry, everywhere is so hot. Writing this right now I find it hard to breath, I’m literally sweating. It’s like I’m on the road leading to hell. At first I thought it was Benin being hot but then i realized it’s all over Nigeria, I don’t know about the other parts of Africa.

Anyways, I’d go straight to my story, which will seem more like a rant😂

On the 1st of April, my purse got stolen, containing my ATM, School ID and a certain amount of money. Yeah way to start a month. So, earlier that day I went to the main campus to do a few things because where my campus is situated isn’t the main, on my way back I entered a bus, stopped at the market the get something and then boom! My purse is MIA, bruhh I was C O N F U S E D I knew I couldn’t start crying because you know what they say big girls don’t cry.

I went home, i didn’t even call my parents till like three days after. I went to the bank to block my two cards, thankfully, I didn’t receive any debit alert from an unknown source, now remaining my school ID, that’s where the real headache starts. I went to the main campus to find out the requirements for a new ID. They told me I needed to pay 500 then do a reciept bla bla bla,go get a police report and an affidavit. I figured the police station would be the hardest thing of all three, so I decided to start with that.

I went to the police station beside the market on Saturday and the reason I went on Saturday was because I spent the whole week looking for someone to follow me there (according to my dad’s instructions) but none of my friends wanted to go with me (I’m not going to go into that) but I realized if I kept waiting for them I won’t get my ID done.

On getting there, I was stopped by two police officer (Note : in Benin, they speak pidgin more than normal English and I’m not fluent in pidgin)

Policeman : Come! Hais!

Me: (On earpiece that wasn’t playing anything but acts deaf)

Policeman: Hais!!!!

Me: (Removes earpiece) Yes?

Policeman: Wetin you dey find for here.

Me: I came to collect police extract.

Policeman : Okay oya go in,when you dey comot see me o.

Me: (this one is definitely mad) No wahala.

I walked inside the police station,everywhere was so chaotic, two ladies were fighting, one guy just got arrested, a man beats up his wife and he was brought to the police station, the whole place was a total mayhem, I could almost say I came at the wrong time. I stood for like four minutes looking at the whole place before going to meet a police woman.

Police woman 1: Wetin you want?

Me: I came to get a police report, my ID got stolen.

Police woman 1: Okay.

Everywhere was silent for like two minutes

Me: Excuse me, did you hear what I said?

Police woman 1: Abeg no disturb me (Calls another officer and turns to me) oya speak to her she’ll answer you, no dey disturb me abeg.

Me in my mind I’m like woah,is this how they attend to people here, I mean I wasn’t expecting hospitality but neither was I expecting hostility.

So I spoke to the other police woman,who didn’t smile as she wrote my report, she said I should come back the next day because the man who’s supposed to print it isn’t around bla bla bla. Little did I know she wasted my time.


I came by the police station again, this time I came with a friend. I didn’t see the woman who attended to me the previous day, I met another lady, this one was way more nice, she told me I needed to get some few things which included my affidavit for me to get my report and I started to think, why didn’t the other lady tell me this before.

So I went to do the affidavit the next day and went back to the police the upper day, making it four days. I met a pregnant lady, I told her what I came for then she said I should pay 6000 naira and I’m like “you say ???”, she hissed and said I’m not serious then, so that’s how we started bargaining price o like I’m in the market, I told her I have only a thousand naira to pay, deep down I was scared she was going to throw me out of her office this time but as a hard girl I stood my ground, then she said “add small something na” which implies her begging, which means I had the upper hand here, I told her I’d give her one thousand five hundred for everything,then she said okay,that I should come back the next day in the evening. Lo and behold I came and she gave me the police extract. I was happy, which means a major part of my problem have been solved and I started to think what if I gave her the six thousand? Why are people like this? Was it because they saw I was a young lady that’s why they kept pushing me back and forth (come today come tomorrow)

This thing really stressed me.

But it’s all good because I’m done everything now and I’ve gotten my ID

5 thoughts on “Police Station Wahala!

  1. A country with people who are not ready to work. Even for them to take up a case you have to pay them meanwhile it is their job.
    They don’t know how degrading it is to be asking a girl who can be their daughter for money, but you can’t blame them afterall. This country and the labour force is an overgrown mess.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is Nigeria… Everyone expects bribe even down to mates helping one another. God help us


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