In a world of expectation, in the presence of hope and diversity, everyone has a dream. People exist with visions of outlined plans, plans they wish to execute, plans that will determine tomorrow. According to researches and shared views of various intelligentsias’, vision and tomorrow have a quite unflinching bond. Just as DENIS WAITLEY rightly said, “A dream is the creative vision for your life in the future”. Note that future could also stand as tomorrow.
Vision being the ability to think of or plan the future with sound foresight or wisdom and Tomorrow meaning the day after a present day, (could mean 10 years after as well), Reality on the other hand is the state of things as they actually exist. These are the key words at hand TODAY’S VISION, TOMORROW’S REALITY.
As people say, “A dream is the bridge between you today and your most beautiful self tomorrow”, in essence without acting on our visions to achieve a beautiful tomorrow, our lives tend to be stagnant. As students today, every choice, every action, every attendance list can make or mar our results at the end of the session . This realization is the stepping stone , knowing fully well that every step counts be it wrong or right, slight or mighty.
Today in real sense is our future , as every decision is made today ,every glimpse into our beautiful imaginations occur today. If you are steady, if you study, if you are ambitious and believe in an existing dream, it is expected that you blossom ,a different attitude however yields stagnation and regrets. However, many might ask ,”Is the future predictable?” “ Do our visions always manifest in our tomorrow?” The future has proven to be unpredictable in various researches. It is an entity of its own so complicated ,yet so fascinating. One might dream of having a blissful marriage ,numerous kids , steady job accompanied with an enormous income, then life rears up its pretty ugly face and thwarts things; most times due to our decisions, some other time due to life just being life.

I believe my reader at this point thinks I am just conflicting myself , proving a point and going ahead to say otherwise. But the hope factor cannot be easily tossed aside. In all our actions, in all our dreams, we hope that one day our visions will become reality. Note that hope is not as a result of fear or doubt, it is more like a silent prayer in time of need, the sun that drags all towards it. Many times , we work ,act and work again, and life seems to keep moving at it’s own pace. Like it doesn’t hear your inner clock ticking, like it doesn’t see your mates sailing ahead of you. At a point frustration kicks in, this is the honest truth about reality. Motivational speakers, made men and women, people who are satisfied with their amassed wealth , often times stand up to say ,”We made it, I mean life is not fair to anyone, we worked hard and look at us now, see what we have achieved”. These speeches end up pushing doubts into our minds. They think to themselves, ”what am I not doing right”, “Am I different, maybe even cursed?” The truth is in all things ,grace differs. My grace is different from yours, same way yours is from mine.
We all have dreams, visions we wish to put in motion, imaginations we desire to bring to life. Almost everyone strives hard to make it in life, some actually do, some die during the process, some end up with regrets. There are reasons that have been enlisted as to why people do not succeed , laziness however is not related to it. As Helen Keller once said, ”The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision”. I mean we claim to see but do we see enough, in the same way Jonathan Swift clearly stated, ” Vision is the art of seeing what is INVISIBLE to others. It is like an extra charge to the brain, extra insight to our pupils. Sometimes we do not have to kill ourselves , figuratively speaking of course, we just have to look from a different perspective. The key to success cannot always be hard work and vision only; insights and strategy are very useful to the course/causes of success as well.
In the end , the tendency of today’s vision eventually becoming tomorrow’s reality in all cases , on a scale of 1-10 is approximately 8, even in the presence of hard work, foresight and wisdom. It is safe to say that sometimes LIFE thinks otherwise; some people have the perfect future (well maybe with a blur), while some never get to see the said future, others just never get to achieve it. Blame it on decisions; blame it on LIFE as well. We as humans cannot stay useless or should I say “STAGNANT”, LIFE is not an excuse to not have dreams. HOPE is what keeps us going at last , believing that the time factor will one day benefit us.


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