Red Ze Season!

I’m not really a fan of Red,not that I hate it or anything, it’s not just one of the colors I’d pick as my top three best colors and if you’re wondering where i got the “Z” inspiration from, I’d tell you *lol* . So at the store today there was the woman with an accent ,I’m guessing french but it was fun hearing her pronounce every “TH” as “Z”.

February generally is known as the month of love and the theme color is Red. Now have you ever asked yourself why people go for Red? Why not blue or any other unimportant color? Well z reason is because Red and February both signify LOVEEEEEEEEEEE and the most popular even in this month of February is VALENTINE’S DAY which is a day to show love to everyone.

Just in case you didn’t know Red is the highest arc of the rainbow. It symbolized super human heroism in Greek . In Asia , it signifies Goodluck and it’s very popular there , it’s mostly used for Kimonos and Saris. Yeah, you can thank me later for the too much information, you’re welcome.

So,this is also going to be my first fashion blog post and I’d be giving you tips on clothes to rock this period.



In 2017, Wrap tops became very trendy. It has a good fitting on people,whether skinny or plus size. It hugs the right places,making your waist smaller therefore giving your body an hour glass figure. It has an adjustable V-neck. Wrap tops can be worn on jeans trousers and skirts ( Highwaist or normal),palazzos and pencil skirt.


One word for slit gowns, SEXY . Especially in the color red or black,damn. Wear this for a dinner date and l assure you your man’s going to go crazyyyy. I’d like to call it LEAVE YOUR MAN SPEECHLESS dress and this strapless gown on the image above is definitely a YES . Maxi slit gowns are beautiful for different occasions ,they depict elegance and a touch of simplicity.


You definitely want to try this on ,even I need to try this. I’m not much into suits to be very honest but ever since I watched “fifty shades freed” I’ve been fantasizing about wearing one. If you’ve watched it you’d know what I’m talking about,the White suit she wore for her honeymoon, it was absolutely gorgeous and ever since then I’ve always wanted something like that. I think women’s suit should be worn often.


Considering the fact that Nigeria is an unnecessarily hot place to live in you could still consider wearing a sweater this season,l mean look on the bright side February is kind of cold and sweaters are comfy, so yes a sweater would do,you could wear them to go out,to eat,watch a movie,go to the mall,a casual date . I prefer my sweaters worn with a trouser,preferably jeans with a converse,as seen in the photo above.


Can your gown even?? The simplicity of office wears are what I love the most . Celebrating a Valentine’s party at the office ,Christmas , Business meetings or even weddings or any event at all,you could wear this with a black stiletto.


Hanging out with friends during this season isn’t a bad idea either, you can go out with this casual look. A nice short and a T-shirt is a nice outfit idea for this season,quite comfortable.

A beach won’t be a bad idea to spend your day wearing this outfit.

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