1. I HATE noodles and pastas.
  2. After bringing my catarrh from my nose, I have this habit of taking it into my mouth .
  3. I hate people waking me up, I only like waking up when wake up by myself and bruh I can sleep till thy kingdom come.
  4. I have this habit of smiling like a MORON even when I’m angry. It’s legit so annoying and as such most people don’t take me serious.
  5. I can’t be angry at someone for more than 24 hours because it disturbs me ie the person will always cloud my thoughts especially if the person is close to me.
  6. I’m good at forgetting people, If you’ve crossed your boundaries and pushed me to the wall and I cut you off, even if you ask for forgiveness, I’d accept but I’d barely notice your existence.
  7. I’ve got short memory,I don’t only forget people but things and as such it leads to me being extremely careless.
  8. I’m unnecessarily and extremely RUDE.
  9. I’d rather express my anger by hitting someone or destroying things than exchanging words.
  10. I’ve forgotten how to dance.
  11. I joke a lot and I think little things serious too.
  12. I hate writing but I’m a blogger.
  13. I love romance songs from the 80’s .
  14. I hate intruders with my life.
  15. I love FOOD.
  16. My fantasies are out of this world.
  17. I prefer fish to meat.
  18. I see the color Ash as the counterfeit Grey.
  19. I soliloquize a lot and sometimes I even act what I’m soliloquizing about.
  20. Abs and Beards are huge turn ons for me.
  21. My NO is always NO likewise my YES.
  22. I can’t sleep with the light turned on.
  23. I’m not homophobic.
  24. I don’t like igbo people,I don’t know they have this irritating behavior.
  25. I have this habit of opening my mouth for a long time when I’m absent minded.
  26. I can’t lie,each time I try to lie my mouth ends up betraying me.
  27. I think spiritual husbands are better than physical husbands.
  28. I always have goosebumps each time I touch suede or velvet material.
  29. Little things irritate me likewise little words get me angry.
  30. Lastly, forget my hard girl hard girl I’m still mad ass soft.

2 thoughts on “WEIRD FACTS ABOUT ME !

  1. No.27
    Invite me for your naming ceremony soon,please and thank you
    Even tho no one would know the father
    I understand completely
    I will help you beg others to understand how the belle came in
    *anticipating jollof*


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