Highlights of my 2018

Hello 2019, to you all reading this,I’m glad you made it and i wish you all a year filled with prosperity, success, good health, peace of mind and contentment. I heard this year’s theme “according to social media” is No insufficient fund! . For y’all screaming it, lets see what this year has in store for you.Anyways, back to the main topic, I’ll be giving you the highlights on how my 2018 was spent. Frankly,last year was highly uneventful for me, I wasn’t able to accomplish the goals I set for myself, which is why this year,I’m going to set goals,yeah but I’m just going to let this year run through,i’m not putting my faith in anything or expecting much,anything that happens,happens.

MY 2018 WENT LIKE…..

I got admission into college(federal) in 2017 , but apparently I’m in Nigeria and there’s something called STRIKE in my country,whose recurrence is so rampant ,so my resumption kicked off in January 2018. Bruh, attendants of private universities are enjoying. My friend who attends a private university told me he sat down under air conditioner to do his registration,can you just IMAGINE!  whereas i was under the hot sun up and doing to make sure the right documents where given to the right people so i could get my name cleared on time. Basically my January was about registration. My registration continued ,my registration took literally forever because my name was wrongly spelt on my birth certificate and WAEC let me not go into details . February was so stressful. Matriculation time! HONESTLY Matriculation day was one of my worst days in 2018. Guess what! My makeup broke into inexplicable pieces even before the matric had even begun, I was so pained! I legit cried myself to sleep,but my friends pulled me back together. Then exam time came,my first ever college exams, I was so nervous but it went well even though i haven’t seen my results till date, exams where over i went home, I couldn’t wait to see my family, moreover, I didn’t like where my campus was situated, it was literally in a rural area, it’s like they just picked one community with little significance in the whole of Benin kingdom and dumped us there, it’s like giving us the remnants of food to eat everyday, to be honest i was so sad when i saw my campus, but it’s all good. The whole year ran through, my second semester commenced, I was used to the school system and all so I really didn’t have any issue.

I came back from school BROKE, in fact BROKEN. You know when I was still in high school, I used to think University students would always have money when they’re coming back home BUT it’s a shameful myth. Anyways I had to look for a job,I got one and I realized working for money isn’t easy at all, I spent my entire November working, December I stopped. My December was awfully uneventful, the only event I was supposed to write about was going for Davido’s concert, I couldn’t write about it because my blog was still on hold but oh well, this is how my 2018 went. I’m glad I saw another year due to God’s grace and I hope this year would be worth the hype.

Ps : My new year resolutions for this blog this year is consistency!

8 thoughts on “Highlights of my 2018

  1. Well, Anita baby am happy for you. I love this.
    Wish you a prosperous year.
    You shall also prosper academically.
    Remain blessed sister.


  2. This year will be better dear. Better days ahead. You’ll achieve your goals by God’s grace 😊❤️


  3. Nini, nice. last year was fucked up, but this year, hope it’ll be a lot better. better days ahead.


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