Dos and don’ts of first dates.

So recently i worked at a cinema and also went on a couple of dates and i found out most people don’t really understand the concept of going on a date (girls and boys inclusive). The idea of a first date is to get to know each other so as to see if you both are compatible. A date involves two lovers or two potential lovers.

According to , a date is a meeting of two people where at least one of the persons involved has a romantic interest in the other. Now there are different places where you can go for dates, the cinema,go out for dinner,normal restaurants, beach etc. Basically when taking a girl out on a date it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take her to all these places I’ve mentioned, you can take her to any place you feel is special to you and she might like it,after all,y’all are getting to know each other.

Note:There are indoor dates too but I’d emphasize more on outdoor dates.

I noticed something in Nigeria,when a guy says “let’s go out on a date”,just know you’re heading to the cinema,don’t just bother yourself to think otherwise and they don’t even say “let’s go on a date” anymore,they just say “let’s go and watch a movie”,you’d have to be the one to use your common sense to know that it’s a date,only few takes you out to eateries and probably 20% take you out to somewhere amazing and can be extra but it seems these few have gone on an exile. It’s so sad though.

Okay so here are some dos and don’ts of a first date:

For the ladies:

  1. Wear something simple,i remember when i was working at the cinema,i saw this lady with her man,she wore a floor length dinner gown just to watch the movie,i and my co-workers legit laughed at her after she passed us,we couldn’t hold the laughter back,i mean fam it’s not that deep, it just a movie you’re coming to see and it’s not as if it’s the movie premiere or something. So just wear something bold yet simple regardless of where he’s taking you too.

2. Do a light make up: Most girls like heavy makeup as per no you’re going to look for husband ,it’s the first date no need for unnecessary overdo ,most boys even like it when some girls come without make up. Just do a simple nude make up and leave the rest for God ,after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder,if he likes you he likes you regardless of you being fine or not.

Quick tip : The heavier the make-up the uglier you tend to look. Then God will now punish you,the makeup starts breaking,lmao!

3. Don’t be boring or a vibe killer :We girls can be boring sometimes to be honest,just be yourself (when i mean be your self, for the crazy girls ,keep your craziness to yourself for now,it’s not time to expose your dirty linen) just act normal and natural ,keep a positive attitude,appreciate the little things he tries to do for you,don’t be rude and barbaric just because the date wasn’t what you expected.

For the guys:

  1. Don’t over dress,just be simple, simplicity is the best option,i see some guys going for a date and they’d want to show off and wear all these glistering chains with designers head to toe,i mean calm your tits man,it’s just a date and a first one for that matter, if it’s now your wedding what will you wear?no one is saying you shouldn’t look good but every occasion has it’s dressing and dress responsibly please,sagging is a no no,flying of collars like a kid is a no no too,hopping while trying to walk is a huge turn off.
  2. Know when to limit your conversation, some boys on the first date they’re already telling you how they’re going to deal with you sexually or start telling you how much money they have or the next expensive thing they plan to buy, like what the hell?? How’s that her business?? It irritates me to hear topics like that,honestly.If you’re watching a movie with the girl please avoid talking too much,it’s a major turn off or when something funny happens in the cinema,you laugh more than everyone in there,wtf??¿?

3. Be courteous, girls really like gentlemen,I’m even smiling as I’m writing this because on my next post I’m sharing some of my first date experiences, anyways do little things for her and make her feel like a Queen, not on the first date when you both finish eating,you’d say you forgot your card at home,there was a time this trended in Nigeria,God knows if any guy pulled that stunt on me i’d openly embarrass you and leave ,if your card got declined that one is understandable not you forgetting your wallet at home.

Anyways generally on both parties:

  • Don’t talk about your exes
  • Don’t talk about how you’ve be lonely in like forever, no one gives a shit about that bull crap.
  • Don’t talk about your financial status.
  • Avoid stupid cliché sentences.
  • Talk about things that involves both of you not you rambling about your personal life which the other person might not care about at the moment.

Huge shoutout to my friend gloria for making me choose this topic to talk about.

See you guys whenever!

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