Hi guys ,today we will be talking about how to get a clear and smooth skin in just three weeks!

Having a smooth skin for me is like one of the key to happiness,you just gain this high esteem that makes you so bold,you look in the mirror and be like “damn ,i’m so pretty.” When your skin is clear you just feel this inner happiness and confidence , you can take pictures without much editing,you can go out without wearing makeup on or scared of how people would stare at you. You skin is the most sensitive part of your body , which means taking care of it must be our topmost priority.

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Your face is the first thing anyone looks at including yourself ,so we should focus more on the face, no one wants to have a rough,dry and dirty skin or face. However ,keeping your skin in check requires a lot of effort,so here are the few tips i would be giving;


  1. HYDRATE YOUR SKIN This is the first thing you should do in the morning . Wash your face with warm water . Wash your face anytime you sweat. Dehydration causes break outs.Also drink a lot of water!
  2. EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN Exfoliating removes the old layers of your skin ,removes the old ,dead cells. do it at least twice a week. you can use home remedies or drugstore products. Mix baking soda with water or honey, apply it on your face to neck for 10 minutes. For drugstore product i would recommend clean & clear products, you can get them for #2500(in naira) . If your skin is sensitive do not use baking soda or avoid using harsh products.
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  3. GO WITH THE SCRUBS AND FACIAL MASKS Make home remedies scrubs ,it is the best. Mix coconut oil ,honey and sugar either white or brown ,rub gently on the face for about 10-20 minutes ,rinse with warm water . Try tomato face mask . Mix tomatoes(grinded) with honey.
  4. USE TEA TREE OIL There are scrubs you can buy that has tea tree oil in them already.It is good for the skin but when you start using it and you start having reactions,you have to stop.Do not drink the tea tree oil,it is not for drinking.
  5. MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN Always moisturize your skin after bathing to keep your skin fresh.Use moisturizer with an SPF for everyday use.Make use of toner or sunscreens they help bring out your color and yes before i forget make sure you have a glow illuminator ,use it on your body it makes your skin colour come out and makes it look really attractive
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  6. AVOID HARSH PRODUCTS When purchasing a product especially for your skin check the ingredient .Ingredient like sodium laureth sulfate,Butyl acetate,Triethanolamine,ethyl acetate,talc,diazolidinyl and many others are harmful to the skin.
  7. USE LEMON JUICE Use lemon juice to lighten black heads or use tomatoes too.
  8. EAT HEALTHY Take fruits daily ,base your meal on whole grains, protiens, fresh fruits and vegs. Consider eating diets like
  • Berries
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Nuts
  • Oranges,grapefruit,mango,papaya
  • Oats
  • Bread
  • Tomatoes,peppers and potatoes
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9. AVOID HEAVY MAKE UP Avoid heavy make up,remember these products have chemicals and exposing your face to those chemical regularly is not a good idea.Always remove make ups before you sleep. Avoid touching your face unless your hands are washed ,do not remove your acnes with your hand,it increases it.

10. BE HAPPY Be happy with yourself take your self out,have fun,go to the gym,do yogas,decrease your stress level,take walks,go out with friends.

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Okay guys i might not having given all but there! try this one ,it worked for me and i’m not saying because it worked for me it’ll work for every one,it might not work for some people but hey! give it a try. In addition to what i said earlier it’ll be advisable to visit the doctor at least once every 2 months for check up.

Don’t forget to comment and share your own view,i’ll be at the comment section ,you can also give me ideas on what to blog next.



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